You’ve Got Mail: Vacation Edition


It’s another mailbag edition as the calendar trickles toward training camp on July 24. Next week, there will be every other mailbag — with Kyle Odegard pinch-hitting on July 2 one greater time — before the mailbag will pass on hiatus until the week education camp opens. You can answer a question by clicking right here.

From NJAZCardsFan thru azcardinals.Com:

“Darren, who became the marvelous draft pick out in camp, the identical for the veteran unfastened agent pick up. Thanks!” Those are always tough questions because of the constrained time we will watch practice and because it’s no longer in reality soccer, with the lack of pads and contact. Linemen will by no means catch anybody’s eye. But ultimately — it may be because he was in the middle of the whole thing at his position — I’d say the rookie turned into QB Kyler Murray. His equipment has been clean to peer and mind-blowing. As for the veteran loose agent, I will go with Robert Alford, who looked stable at cornerback. I realize the coaches are high on Jordan Hicks too.


From Rob Laycock through azcardinals.Com:

“What do you suspect is the maximum variety of wide receivers the Cards keep on the roster? Fitz and Kirk are apparent locks, plus two excessive draft picks, and Keenan Johnson is getting a lot of rewards, so that is five already. Are the ultimate receivers scuffling with for simply one spot?” That’s TBD because the quit-of-the-roster makeup is fluid primarily based on unique teams, camp overall performance, etc. But for a group that figures to a) use numerous receivers and b) have so many younger, raw receivers, I would not be amazed if they stored seven. They will certainly maintain six. I accept that all three draft alternatives will make it, so if they stored seven, that might depart spots for the rest of the applicants. Training camp and preseason video games will be intense. Will that be Kingsbury’s signature hat? Only if it’s 100-plus degrees and sunny with a hazard of pores and skin most cancers anyplace he goes.

From Freddy R thru azcardinals.Com:

“If you needed to construct the exercise squad these days, based totally on the OTAs and camp, who would be on that crew?” That’s a not possible question because no longer might you have to comb through a whole 53-guy roster first, then figure out the guys you cut who might make it through waivers, which could mean knowing who the opposite 31 teams are built their rosters. Generally, study some undrafted guys or first- or second-year men who seem unlikely to make it. It’s too early to understand this factor. I wouldn’t be amazed if there were a couple of offensive and multiple defensive linemen. There are so many moving components.

From Punchy Juan through azcardinals.Com:

“Hi, Darren. The practice schedule just dropped (because the youth might say), and I’m just curious about one element: I noticed practice instances seem to jump around a lot. Is that no longer weird to you? I adore it as it offers lovers masses of options to attend. But from a player’s angle, expanding a routine seems to be tough.” It is a lot unique compared to preceding years to be positive. But to begin with, don’t forget there is a new instruction with a new concept technique. No one has been able to ask about it, but I’d suppose that it doesn’t necessarily matter an excessive amount because the gamers have lengthy days anyway. Also, the work might be exceptional, depending on the time they’re in the sphere.

From Robert Maliki through azcardinals.Com:

“This is an NFL question from an MLB factor of view. MLB has the DH inside the American League and is supposed to spark fan hobby by preserving aging superstars while their abilities have been flagging. Would the NFL not forget to give its aging stars a roster exemption for comparable motives? Their veteran presence/fan interest could offset their diminishing play. Subtract a ‘legacy participant’ from the roster and keep an up-and-comer?” No, I don’t see it. For starters, the baseball gamers with “diminishing abilities” — I., E., Too antique or terrible athletically to discipline but can nonetheless hit — does not have a parallel in football. If you’re a receiver who will become older and slower, there may be no way for you to seize passes. The other issue would be cash. How might that painting be with the cap? Older stars expect their money. Paying it for less manufacturing than once upon a time doesn’t make much sense. From Steve Drumm through azcardinals.Com:

“Darren: I applaud the philosophical alternate the team has made through the years to be more open-minded to signing gamers with checkered pasts consisting of Tyrann Mathieu, Robert Nkemdiche, and Desmond Harrison. In mild of Nkemdiche’s latest arrest, do you watch team officials might be rethinking that philosophy shifting forward, especially if Harrison gets into hassle too?” My first concept is that Harrison, at this point, merits a danger to prove himself. If you sign him, he must get approximately one strike before trauma. What should you do if he makes a mistake? Bigger photo, I suppose the Cardinals — and I’d agree — see all these things on a case-via-case foundation. There had been purple flags with Nkemdiche, and he has had an issue getting beyond the one’s matters. However, expertise is regularly difficult to skip. Every team inside the league has to stroll that line.

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