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NFL star Cam Newton reportedly attempted to pay a fellow passenger $1,500 to switch seats with him on a flight, but become refused


NFL celebrity Cam Newton reportedly paid a fellow passenger on board $1,500 to switch seats because he wanted greater legroom.

Newton reportedly attempted
But alas for the Carolina Panthers quarterback, the man in query refused. The entire incident was captured on video by using a visitor sitting only some rows again, Eli Edwards, who changed into already filming his fiancée at the time as he’d been documenting their ride to Paris. The video clip has now long past viral. Edwards, who had just been engaged to his female friend, the Cameroonian footballer Estelle Johnson, instructed Business Insider that he was amazed to look at Newton journeying in the financial system rather than first elegance on the American Airlines flight Paris to Dallas, Texas.

Edwards had at the start spotted Newton within the airport due to his bright blouse and trademark hat, no longer to mention his 6’five” peak. “I observed him right away at the airport on the price ticket counter,” Edwards said. “He came beyond me, and I said ‘hello’ to him – I suppose he was trying to go incognito; however, his outfit quite lots gave him away.”I wasn’t watching for him to be on the same flight as me, let alone journeying at the back in economy,” Edwards endured. Thus, Newton becomes traveling with an accomplice. However, he did now not appear glad together with his assigned seat. “I noticed Cam Newton move as much as a gentleman and asked him if he’d be inclined to trade seats for the extra legroom for the ten-hour flight,” Edwards stated. “The man requested Cam Newton how tall he turned into. Cam Newton said ‘about 6’6″.’ The guy stated he was about 6’four” so it would not do him any justice to replace.”

The man with the extra legroom becomes additionally traveling with the 2 human beings sitting after him, so he possibly desired to stay with them. However, he declined to give up his seat. “I don’t know if he knew that was Cam Newton,” Edwards stated. “If you’re from the US, most of the people could recognize Cam Newton. I do not know if he did. “I do not know if it changed into a logic component or an ego factor, but whether you’re 6’four” or 6’6″, you don’t need to be scrunched up for a 10-hour flight.” Edwards stated Newton failed to appear too annoyed that the person wouldn’t switch with him, although, and “pretty an awful lot shook it off.” “I might take it for what; he was. He didn’t seem irritated to me. It became the man’s loss more than it turned into his loss,” Edwards said. Cam Newton did now not right now reply to Business Insider’s request for a remark.

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