‘KAWS:HOLIDAY‘ Is Bringing a Whole Camping Experience to Mt. Fuji


KAWS: HOLIDAY is stopping by Japan’s Mt. Fuji for the summer. Following tasks in Taipei, Seoul, and Hong Kong, KAWS’ 40-meter-long Companion setup is heading to the Fumotoppara campsite in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka. KAWS has another time teamed up with all rights reserved for the gigantic paintings. As a result, the relaxed-looking Companion will recline on the foot of Japan’s most well-known natural landmark. Check out KAWS’s comic strip of the setup below.


HOLIDAY will coincide with a camping revel that takes region on July 18. If you need to camp, you’ll need to go into a chance, which opens at nine p.m. EDT on June 27 and ends at nine p.m. EDT on June 28. The KAWS: HOLIDAY exhibit may be displayed from July 18 to 24. To mark the Japanese leg of KAWS: HOLIDAY, KAWS, and AllRightsReserved also are losing a chain of confined edition collectibles, together with a KAWS-fashion Mt. Fuji plush in three colorways, nine.5-inch vinyl figures, a fixed of three kokeshi dolls, a set of 4 Mt. Fuji ceramic plates, Mt. Fuji golden and silver pins, other Mt. Fuji pins, Mt. Fuji fireplace-king mugs, and T-shirts, and tote baggage. As with previous KAWS: HOLIDAY collections, you may copy the collectibles on the Ding Dong Takuhaibin online save.

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