Reasons You Need to Make London Your Next Travel Destination


A buzzing city, such as London, can have you catching your breath while trying to keep up with it. Being a melting pot of abundant culture, rich history, and vibrancy in every nook and corner, planning to fly into London can be a great escape. However, regardless of what you are interested in, there will always be something for you, and here are some of the main reasons you need to make this city your next travel destination:

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1. The Nightlight

Although Londoners work hard, they also have fun. London has everything any night owl may want, including quirky dive bars, theatres with Hollywood stars, and classic pubs. Clubs and pubs are part of the local culture and a great way to spend your evening. However, depending on where you are in the city, pubs may, at times, be a bit rowdy, especially when sporting events are occurring or on weekends. To beat the crowd, you need to go there early.

Whatever you decide to do, ensure you also have a ticket for one of the shows. Whether this includes a standup comedy show or West End Musical and a live concert, the biggest celebrities will always make a stop in this capital city.

2. Transportation

Most cities and towns have a bad rap for providing poor transportation systems, though some leave no stones unturned when offering a good transit that makes it simple for the locals to go from one place to another. Many locals usually whine about public transport, but this iconic city provides one of the best transit systems on the planet.

The London Underground is a great way to move around, and the presence of amazing stations, shiny red buses, and black taxis are an adventure themselves. Apart from offering the best public transportation, the city also provides beautiful footpaths for pedestrians and bike lanes.

3. World-Class Sports

The city is home to the most iconic venues of sports and popular Premier League. Some of these venues include Twickenham, Lords, Wimbledon, and Wembley.

These venues have combined around 550 years of elite sport to their name and offer utterly glorious occasions, trumpeting anything else in the global sport.

4. Green Parks

When you think of London, the lush green parks may not come to your mind. However, this city features the most common green parks in the world.

Whether you need to enjoy the Hampstead Heath view on the northern side of the city or wish to adventure the Royal Parks, including Hyde Park and Richmond Park, you can relax in these parks and view Londoners going about their everyday life.

5. Architecture

With London’s history, it is straightforward to pick out the exquisite architecture throughout its streets. For example, Greenwich’s sprawling Royal Naval College, Spitalfields market, and Christ Church show Baroque architecture.

If you are also looking for Brutalism, you need to head to the Barbican. Whether you want to see theatre productions and exhibitions or the London Symphony Orchestra, the city has buildings with different architectural styles.

6. River Thames

River Thames offers a stunning backdrop to most of the top tourist attractions in London. River tours and river bus services are perfect ways to beat the traffic and enjoy great views.

As you visit the river, don’t forget about the canals in the city. Some of these canals include:

  • Little Venice
  • Regent’s Canal

7. Culture

The most common aspects of British culture encompass royalty and monarch. The Queen of England is the most popular monarch across the globe. Most tourists visiting England will prioritize a visit to Buckingham Palace to see the ‘Changing of the Guard’ act.

Beyond that, the culture is also known for its high-brow sense of humor and excellent manners. Both conducts are perfectly paired with a dash of attitude, and their openness makes the city a perfect place to be, particularly if you are part of the counterculture of subculture. This explains why most talented musicians and artists come from this city.

8. Food and Drinks

British are also popular for their fun and lively culture to get many restaurants across the city. You can order chips, pint, and fish. For decades now, the Golden Hind has been frying chips and fish, while the Ritz provides a delightful cream tea. Afternoon tea in this city is a cultural institution, but it’s a fun and unique experience for tourists, especially those who want to be part of the culture.

However, London also serves them if you also need more dishes, drinks, and a few low-key options. Chelsea Farmer’s Market likes are brimming with fresh stuff, while Borough Market has more than 100 stalls with tasty treats.

9. Fashion

The city has been tantamount to the world of fashion. Some of the popular fashion businesses which the world has ever witnessed have made their humble beginnings in London. This iconic city has also been responsible for attracting many avant-garde designing professionals into the spotlight.

The London Fashion Week levels are one of the most prestigious and influential shows globally, and its scene is without a competitor. This is because so many supermodels, including Cara Delevigne and Naomi Campbell, call this city home.

10. Spectacular Skyline

London’s skyline is iconic with wonderful buildings, such as St Paul’s Cathedral, that have stood the test of time. Though new buildings, including the Shard, have entered the fray to ensure you have many reasons to come back and see how the city is growing.

The London Eye and the Shard also provide an excellent view of the city, though there are many other places where you may sit and see the inner beauty.

The Takeaway!

London is an exciting and diverse city with the world’s best attractions, activities, and sights. The city is also popular for fashion, food, architecture, skyline, and art, some of which it does far much better than other places in the world. With all these reasons and a lot to do, your next travel destination needs to be this city!

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