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Business travellers pick residences over inns for long journeys


While serviced residences have long been a key preference for a globally mobile group of workers and relocating employees, normal enterprise guests at the moment are turning to provided flats as opposed to hotels whilst they may be traveling for more than 30 days, says new research. With commercial enterprise journey predicted to grow to $1.7 billion (£1.3 billion) globally by 2022, how and where employees’ paintings are converting. Nearly forty% of Gen Y and Gen Z employees wouldn’t receive a activity that doesn’t encompass a tour, and 30% of employees would receive a decrease revenue if they had been given greater commercial enterprise journeys. The UK is the fifth biggest marketplace in commercial enterprise tours, spending extra than $50 billion (£39 billion) on commercial enterprise tours in 2017 by myself. A new examination through Homelike – a provided apartment booking platform for commercial enterprise travelers – has determined that one-1/3 (30%) of UK travelers might pick a supplied condo instead of a motel for a lengthy time period commercial enterprise trips.

Business traveler priorities

Business travellers
Of the 1,000 UK enterprise travelers surveyed via Homelike, 25% stay in different cities for greater than 30 days, and 30% are accountable for booking their very own lodging. When deciding on where to stay, the principal aspect influencing their decision became a principal town place (forty-three%), accompanied closely by using the exception of the assets at 42%. The price came 1/3 at 36%, and other important elements had been assets length (24%) and proximity to inexperienced spaces (21%). Dustin Figge, CEO and co-founder of Homelike explains, “We founded Homelike due to the fact we have been fed up with traveling for business and either having to live lengthy-term in a lodge room or attempt to e-book an apartment via vendors that predominantly work offline.”

Creating a ‘domestic away from domestic’ while traveling

The studies also discovered that Baby Boomers aged fifty-five+ (forty%) and Gen Z (forty-one%) travelers, especially, might decide upon a provided condo to a motel. Of the Millennials surveyed, most want to create a ‘home far from domestic’ while journeying: 29% want to be close to a green area, 23% need you to host their family and accomplices, and 21% want to take their pets with them. Figge adds, “Our studies prove what we already knew, that humans are moving away from booking a lodge for 30+ night time remains and are rather seeking out a better first-rate, greater comfortable enjoy when visiting lengthy-term for the enterprise. The market desires to conform to reflect that.”

Minimizing strain for employees

The Homelike observe additionally located that the least favored part of the lengthy-term business tour is lacking family and buddies (32%), followed with the aid of feeling dangerous because of eating out, ingesting, and no longer getting access to a fitness center (17%), in addition to widespread stress (15%). These elements should all be participants because mental fitness price UK corporations £35 billion in 2018. When the effects were split using gender, it becomes discovered that female business travelers discover their social life extra important than guys do, with 24% trying their circle of relatives or companion to live with them while visiting, versus thirteen% of guys; plus, 11% want to be allowed to host pals in their accommodation versus eight% of guys. The precedence for guys is their fitness, with eleven% wishing to be positioned close to a fitness center versus 7% of girls. For extra facts approximately Homelike, visit: www. Thehomelike.ComEd to our Business Travel and Serviced Apartments sections for extra news and insights. Subscribe to Relocate Extra, our month-to-month publication, to get all of the latest worldwide assignments and international mobility information. Relocate’s new Global Mobility Toolkit presents unfastened facts, practical recommendation and guide for HR, global mobility managers and worldwide teams running remote places.

Answering the above questions will help you place your sights on a specific kind of lodging and help you maximize your experience. For maximum parents like me, I base my lodge choice on the 3 standards I have to give you over the many years of touring:


The first ground rule needs to include the safety issues of my little lady and me. When we plan out our trips, I keep in mind hotels that can be strategically positioned close to police stations, first aid stations, clinics or hospitals, or even fire stations. However, if we’re going for a surely far away trip like our final 12 months’ island-hopping adventure, I opted to check-in lodge motels that included 24-hour safety, sufficient inn personnel to help you in whichever manner, with swimming pools which might be constantly guarded using “lifestyles guards,” and most importantly, have terrific fireplace evidence plans and hearth extinguishers reachable.

It is likewise crucial to notice that motels that have garnered a three, 4, and 5 celebrity rating would offer their first-rate safety and protection assistance to their lodge guests. However, if you choose a more intimate and private putting, I even have determined that bed and breakfasts, tour resorts, lodges, and enterprise motels prioritize the protection of their issues as nicely.


Finding a grocery shop, a pharmacy, or maybe a parlor needs to be feasible if you are a tourist who would position comfort to your desire listing. Hotel resorts at the moment are being advertised via the convenience that they provide to their inn guests. Most hotels may be discovered within the middle of the metropolis or downtown place. Top eating places, shopping centers, recreation facilities, and relaxation facilities are within an arm’s reach. Even long way flung hotels distinctive for weekend get-aways, honeymoons, and quiet retreats mark convenience in their priorities. These motels provide their guests add-on offerings like in-residence massages and spas, loose internet connection, room meals carrier, in-house parlors, boutiques, souvenir stores, eating places, espresso shops, and bars. It is likewise vital to know if the inn you are thinking about gives airport transfers and that there may be a regular transportation move on your easy journey. Finally, if you artravelingng to foreign places, it’s also important to recollect that your resort is positioned close to forex institutions or banks.

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