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A first look within the new Taco Bell-themed lodge and inn


A new Taco Bell-themed resort can be established in Palm Springs, California, and fast food fans will need to nab a room at the same time as they can. Rumors have swirled across the mission for a while, and we now have photos to prove that, for a constrained time simplest, the Taco Bell Hotel is occurring.

Bell-themed lodge

Rooms will begin at £133, consistent with night time and might be had from August eight to August 12. The 70 rooms are broken into four exclusive kinds of lodging, incorporating singles, doubles, king-length beds, and pool views. Rooms are embellished with Taco Bell-themed bedspreads, Taco Bell-themed cushions, and Taco Bell-themed artwork, while the pool is filled with hot sauce packet floats. The “tacos are” will serve up an array of food – starting from Taco Bell staples to all-new dishes served to the public for the very first time – sponsored by way of views of the Californian desolate tract.

Entertainment will vary from daily. However, visitors can anticipate stay performances from bands and DJs, poolside ‘dive-in’ films, and a so-called ‘Freeze Lounge,’ a relaxing boudoir providing handiest the frostiest drinks. The issue of global warming and its impact on our lives and the lives of our grandchildren is a serious one, with unbelievable consequences for our planet earth, the universe, and all those who breathe on it. While man had started playing with nature for centuries, it took an ugly turn since the so-called industrial revolution. We started emitting huge quantities of carbon and other harmful gases into the atmosphere, dumping solid industrial waste in our lovely and pure rivers and created a web of daily comfort materials and gadgets with polluting raw materials. All this started hurting the ecological balance system. So today, it is obligatory for every one of us to act and do things to reverse this cycle, if not completely, at least to an agreed and acceptable level. Immediately.

The hotel industry has a big responsibility in helping the cause of global warming and has responded by promoting the green hotel concept, which is fast gaining popularity with the traveling public. In most countries, the town planning authorities approve a hotel building plan for a new hotel only if it complies with eco-friendly design standards. This will ensure that the hotels and resorts of the future will comply with prescribed environmental standards; the challenge is to ensure that the old hotel buildings adopt measures to reduce their carbon footprint. The exercise is not only physical that one changes plants, machinery, and equipment with more energy-efficient ones, but it also means that people working in the hotels become an integral part of this process for its success.

Hotel and resort architects, interior decorators, systems consultants, and others who form the core team for hotel development must have a thorough knowledge of the green concept. The building design and layout have to be energy efficient. Only sustainable materials to be specified to the extent possible and available would allow emissions within permissible levels. Above all, the team has to have a total commitment and faith in what they are doing fully realizing their responsibility towards the environment’s well-being.
The main area where the hotels and resorts have to concentrate is the efficient use of all forms of energy, be it electricity, water, gas, coal, or wood. Plugging all sources of energy waste like keeping lights on when not needed, flowing taps, overflowing tanks and cisterns, excessive pressure in gas burners, waste of recyclable heat, and the list goes on. Another area is to tackle temperatures in the air-conditioning system, hot water temperature monitoring, laundry a source of maximum water and steam consumption, kitchen where the potential could be in three areas, water, gas, and steam. External illumination is yet another area where the saving potential exists.

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