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Travelling overseas? Don’t neglect your passport, visa and etiquette


Should you break up a bill in Beijing? Should you supply a tip in Tokyo? Should you say Merry Christmas in Maryland? As Indians increasingly journey abroad — to both East and West, for enterprise and pride — they ought to navigate a minefield of manners and be mindful of neighborhood customs. India Inc. tells you what to do and helps you to in on its own learnings.

Travelling overseas
Thou Shalt Not Order One-with the aid of Two Soup

Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya knows the antique Indian soup trick: order a bowl and say 1 through 2, that charmed code word for the server to divide one element for two humans. The 35-12 months-antique sales director at cell marketing platform CleverTap is aware that this is par for the route in India, wherein dishes are shared in a spirit of informal camaraderie and congenital thrift. Last month, he was delivered to a set of Swedish guidelines even as he changed out at a restaurant with his pals in Stockholm. “We were given seven payments for our desk,” he recollects. The server requested what they had ordered and issued separate payments.

Kamal Gianchandani, CEO of PVR Pictures, had a comparable experience while traveling to Johannesburg in South Africa. “A business partner took me and nine others to an eating place for his birthday deal. The desk became booked earlier, and the body of workers knew what the occasion was. At the end of the dinner, the server gave ten separate payments. My associate paid for me. However, the nine locals paid for themselves.” Later, Gianchandani realized this changed into a common practice throughout Nigeria and Kenya. However, in nations like China, Japan, and South Korea, the maximum senior or the richest individual on the desk frequently alternatives up the tab. Sometimes, providing to pay in the presence of an old individual is even considered rude. Get an experience of the restaurant etiquette of a country before you stroll along for dinner. Have a split pea soup; however, do not split the pea soup.

Price Tag: To Scratch or Not?

Before wrapping a present, it is the necessary Indian ritual: put off the fee tag, scratch off the determine, or use a ball pen with all of the intensity you will command to hide it. Indians think flaunting how muchmuch they have beenbeen paid for a gift is cheesy. Deep Kalra, founder & group CEO of MakeMyTrip, says, “In North America, it is considered considerate to share gift receipts even as giving a present so that a person could return or trade it. Since I am quite positive that sliding within the receipt with the gift will not be perceived quite the equal manner in India, I have never tried it here.” In reality, he confesses that he couldn’t bring himself to reveal the charge even within the US even though he knew “it’s far taken into consideration a very decent component” there.

Keep or dispose of the tag, relying on your whims and the flaunt quotient of the fee.

Wish List

During festivals, most companies throughout Europe and the US opt for the inclusive, widely widespread want “Happy Holidays” to “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukkah.” The desire is almost always specific in India — Diwali, Holi, Eid, or Christmas. However, Lloyd Mathias, enterprise strategist & angel investor, warns, “In the West, wishing for a selected pageant can be seen as being culturally insensitive to other groups.”

  • What to Do
  • Stick to “Happy Holidays”
  • Present Tense

On Chinese New Year, you could gift plant life of a wide variety — roses, tulips, carnations, orchids, hibiscus — as long as you live far away from white. White is the shade of mourning in many Asian international locations, says Lloyd Mathias, business strategist & angel investor, who picked up present suggestions for his stint with HP in Singapore. Gifting a clock, too, is a no-no as it indicates death. Visitors in China, Singapore, and Hong Kong supply coins as a wedding present. “The amount depends on where the marriage is hosted. If it’s a fancy venue, the present will cost approximately S$two hundred. Expats may want to test with the locals,” says Mathias. In India, in the meantime, the price of wedding presents is at once proportional to how near the guest is to the couple in addition to the previous’s financial fame.

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