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Seventeen officially announce global tour ‘Ode to You’


Seventeen have officially introduced their new international excursion, ‘Ode to You,’ with concert dates for Seoul. The tour will launch with a trio of concerts in Seoul on August thirtieth, 31st, and September 1st. Fans might be glad to hear this information as this can be their first international tour because of ‘Diamond Edge’ in 2017.

Stay tuned for more updates on concert dates and cities!

The Jonas Brothers grew up in a musical circle of relatives in a small metropolis, Wyckoff, New Jersey. It became but herbal for their own family to sing songs collectively, and as the brothers grew up, they started writing songs and playing gadgets together. The three brothers, Kevin, Joe, and Nick, were born a few years apart and are equally talented. However, it became Nick who first caught the attention of a recording business enterprise.


The story is going like this. Denise Jonas, Jonas’ mom, took Nick along to a salon as she began getting hair to reduce. The younger Nick sang, and a female who overheard him referred him to a record corporation. Nick first recorded a solo CD, but then the supervisor heard that Nick had equally talented brothers. The three brothers sang “Please Be Mine” collectively and controlled to impress the supervisor greatly. Then, realizing the possibility of casting them together as a brother band, the Jonas Brothers became shaped.
The first album of the Jonas Brothers became known as “It’s About Time.” It was released in August 2006 with exposure and fanfare. Despite the promotions, the album reached the most effective #ninety on the Billboards. However, Mandy’s music was written by the brothers by a friend, Denise Jonas, who taught sign language to pursue a career assisting people who are deaf or hard of hearing, which was properly acquired. The song video even got to the #3 spot on MTV.

In April, the brothers officially announced the Jonas Brothers World Tour 2010. The excursion will feature the three brothers, their unique visitor, Demi Lovato, and their co-stars and buddies from Camp Rock films. The trek will feature songs from Camp Rock and some amazing pieces by the Jonas Brothers.
There have been some speculations that the Jonas Brothers are going to break up quickly. But if the excursion declaration is any indication, they’re not probably to part ways any time soon. The trio is ready for an intensive trek throughout three continents this summertime. North America, Latin America, and Europe may be protected from the summer season through fall.

Nick Jonas says that the tour will be unlike what they did earlier. So enthusiasts have true reason to e-book the Jonas Brothers World Tour tickets as early as possible. The band specializes in their music as they explain to the lovers that they’re no longer stressed about rumors. The rumors of cut-up commenced as Nick Jonas launched his solo album “Who I Am” in February. Nick says they have grown nearer as brothers, and the rumors have made them more potent. However, you by no means realize this stuff. Split usage is simply part of the everyday landscape as far as the tuning scene is concerned. What is confirmed is t,hat the, three brothers will seem together for the World Tour. This is another purpose for fanatics to seize the Jonas Brothers World Tour tickets as quickly as they are available without waiting until the final minute.

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