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Manfrotto’s Befree GT XPRO is a tour tripod designed specially for macro shooters


Macro is one of the more hard subjects that many photographers choose to shoot, mainly whilst we’re journeying. So often, there’s now not sufficient mild to head handheld to get the intensity of discipline we want whilst we’re close to a subject, or our tripods don’t allow us to get the camera into an excellent function.

Manfrotto’s Befree
Well, Manfrotto offers up an option to this trouble with the new Befree GT XPRO. It’s a travel tripod with a center column that could rotate 90° and get extraordinarily low to the floor. It completes the Manfrotto Befree Advanced variety of travel tripods and is available in each aluminum and carbon fiber flavor.

As you can see from the photograph above, the GT XPRO can get very low down to the floor, with a minimum height of an insignificant 10 centimeters. Ideal for those low “computer virus crawling through the grass” type macro shots. At its tallest, it sits at 164cm with the center column fully extended upwards, and with the column down, it’s at 142cm. The closed period is 43cm, which is best 3cm longer than the Befree Live Twist.

The aluminum version weighs 2,000g, even as the carbon fiber version is available at a barely slimmer 1,760g. Both versions have four leg segments with twist locks and can take a seat at angles of twenty-two°, 54°, or 89°, with the latter giving you just sufficient carry to have all 3 toes on a flat surface without scratching the legs. They can each keep a 10kg load, and the large function of this one over the relaxation of the Befree Advanced variety is that the center column allows you to turn it over and use it at ninety ranges.

This makes it very on hand for such things as macro, permitting you to get the camera in closer to the concern without the legs getting inside the way, and probably for an overhead digital camera rig, so long as your camera isn’t too heavy. It’s a very on-hand feature to have in a tour tripod if you’re the nature & wilderness macro form of traveler. The Befree GT XPRO completes the Befree advanced lineup of “excessive-performance” tour tripods. The Aluminium and Carbon versions of the Manfrotto Befree GT XPRO must be pre-ordered now for £269.95 and £409.95, respectively. There’s been no point out of while it begins shipping but, though.

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The easy answer is that although sizeable travel or living in a wonderful region presents the possibility of achieving fine images, most people live in regions where others go. Whether it’s miles an “everyday metropolis,” a tour convention region, a small city setting, or a rural place, a person somewhere needs to get there. So, naturally, a person needs images of your town and the encompassing areas used in brochures, websites, newspapers, newsletters, and different guides. This offers an opportunity if you want to obtain images of the special location wherein you live. Additionally, whether we understand it or no longer, most folks stay close to the vicinity of people who want to travel.

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