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How to Get More Views on YouTube With Travel Photography


It’s important for your travel photography to look great and to be viewed by many people. This can be done if you have a good website, interesting content, and a lot of traffic. These are the essential components that help you get more views on YouTube, but more importantly, they help attract the people who matter.

If you are passionate about travel photography, why not share your knowledge and start making money online? Millions of people would love to see what you offer whether you are a professional photographer or enjoy taking pictures of amazing places. YouTube is one of the biggest platforms to showcase your work, but most videos barely get views, let alone make you any money. We will go over how to get more views on YouTube with travel photography videos.

Learn the techniques I use to get more views on YouTube videos with my travel photography. This is the perfect guide for anyone wanting more views on their YouTube videos. This step-by-step video course teaches you everything you need to know about getting more YouTube video views.

Travel Photography

How to get started with travel photography

Traveling is a great way to learn how to take better photos, but it can be difficult to figure out where to go, when to go, and how to get the best shots. Travel photography can be a very rewarding career. Not only will you be able to create memories that last a lifetime, but you will also earn a living wage by taking photos for others. I’ll show you how you can take your skills and turn them into a money-making business.

The first rule of travel photography

If you are serious about being a travel photographer, the first thing you need to do is to master your camera. And I mean, master it. It would help if you learned how to get the best out of your camera, understand how it works, and be able to use it efficiently. You need to know how to set up your camera properly, shoot and edit images. I am going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this. You may have heard of the Nikon manual, but that is just one option.

The best camera for travel photography

I am sure you already know this, but the quality of your images matters a lot when trying to get your work out there. Whether you want something affordable or high-end, you’ll find it on Amazon. One of the most common questions from aspiring photographers is which camera is the best for travel photography. While many factors determine the quality of your photos, one of the most important ones is the camera sensor. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options.

Types of images that will capture the attention

As a travel photographer, you will likely have a portfolio of amazing photos showing beautiful places worldwide. These can include the best places to eat, the best places to stay, and even the most interesting things to see. These photos will usually be taken with a DSLR camera, but that’s okay if you don’t have one. You can still take amazing travel photos using your smartphone.

However, it is important to know how to create travel photos that stand out from the crowd. In this article, I will highlight five images that will capture your attention and increase the views of your videos.

How to get views on YouTube by using Google

You can use various tools on the internet to get your videos in front of the right people.

Some of the most popular options include:

YouTube is the largest video hosting site on the planet, with over 1 billion monthly users.

Google My Business – for businesses, this lets you manage your business listings, respond to reviews, and add contact information.

Google Maps – Anyone with a Google account can use this to add location information to their Google+ posts and pages.

Facebook Ads – this is the most powerful way to advertise on Facebook and is especially useful if you have a business page.

Pinterest is the fastest-growing social network and a great platform to promote your travel photography.

Frequently Asked Questions Travel Photography

Q: How do you attract more views on YouTube when you travel?

A: I would say by doing more videos, but that is not what I am known for. I am known for my travel photography, and I use YouTube as an outlet to share that. You need to do something unique and different, and you can’t just repeat yourself.

Q: What should I do if I’m not getting many views on my videos?

A: I would recommend you try different angles and editing methods. Try taking videos in other rooms of your house. You can also shoot from a lower camera angle or do more than one take.

Q: What’s the best way to edit videos for YouTube?

A: You can use an app like Final Cut Pro to edit, but a free program like iMovie is okay. I prefer to edit in Final Cut Pro because I find it easy to use.

Q: What camera do you use to film travel videos?

A: I use my iPhone for filming. I use a tripod because it makes things easier. My phone takes good-quality pictures and videos, and I’ve found that it does a great job editing footage.

Top Myths About Travel Photography

  1. You don’t have to travel anywhere for your photography.
  2. It would be best if you were a professional photographer to make money at this.
  3. It would help if you had a fast camera with a long zoom.


If you’ve been following along for a while now, you know that I’m pretty opinionated about this subject. I love travel photography, and I believe that most people would too. But since YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world, you’ve got to get your views somehow. And the reality is that if you want to get opinions, you can only do it by promoting yourself. This might seem counter-intuitive, but you must let the world know who you are to get ideas. This means creating a distinct and memorable brand and telling people why they should care about you.

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