‘KAWS:HOLIDAY’ Pays Respects to Mount Fuji in Latest Outdoor Exhibition


Over the last few months, KAWS’ HOLIDAY sculpture has paid a go to some places, like Pharrell’s Something In The Water Festival and Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. However, in time for the summer season, the massive discern could be prevented via Mount Fuji. In collaboration with all rights reserved and subsidized by Herschel Supply, this may mark the fourth forestall for the visiting COMPANION. Measured forty meters long, the parent may be placed amidst the quaint backdrop of Mount Fuji, putting in place at Fujinomiya’s Fumotoppara Camping Ground in Shizuoka. The occasion comes with a special sketch from KAWS, depicting a glad COMPANION enjoyable alongside the large panorama.

Mount Fuji

The special camping revel will host a spread of confined-version collectibles made with all rights reserved. Encompassing the series are ten extraordinary gadgets: The eight-inch KAWS: HOLIDAY plush inside the form of Mount Fuji in 3 colorways, Kokeshi Dolls in sets of threes, nine.5″ vinyl figures, ceramic plates that come in fours, gold & silver pins, and Fire-King Mugs, each decorated with Mount Fuji paintings. Other pieces include cushions, T-shirts, and tote bags available in the military, white and red.

The objects may be exclusively bought at DING DONG Takuhaibin’s online store starting July 18.
The KAWS: HOLIDAY JAPAN could be on show from July 18 to 24, during which KAWS himself will arrive on opening day to kick off the 7-day tenting exhibition. Those who want to wait for the event will enter a bet to get a spot inside the camping grounds. The raffle opens at 9 p.m. EST on June 27 and ends at 9 p.m. EST on June 28. VHILS has shed light on his love for Shanghai in a new quick film and other associated information.

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