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How to Plan the Perfect Trip to Disneyland and ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’


When I told my buddies that I was planning to wait the whole weekend for Disneyland’s new “Star Wars Land,” known as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, they’d had one common reaction: horror. And that they had each right to impeach my sanity. When Diagon Alley unfolded at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in 2014, wizards and muggles loved the magic of 8-hour lines for an unmarried ride. (The equal factor came about in advance this month with the logo-new Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure—a ten-hour queue for a single experience.)


Not only did I finish the whole lot that I wanted to do in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but I also had a pretty superb run of the park’s other rides—and no aggravating hour-plus lines to deal with. So, while I lucked out a piece when you consider that maximum annual pass holders were forbidden from coming to the park that weekend, and all the other Disneyland fanatics were regarded as too fearful of crowds to show up, I also got here in robust with a strong plan of assault for Disneyland.

Research, studies, studies

I have friends who head to Disneyland on a whim, and I’m usually envious of their carefree attitudes. So when I cross, I research something and the whole lot I can to ensure I maximize my fun with as little disturbing downtime (or waiting around) as possible. For my experience commencing the weekend of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, this entailed Scouting Disneyland blogs and social media feeds to pinpoint the precise starting date of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and at once reserving a hotel (or Airbnb, in case you prefer) before the word was given out and absolutely everyone spiked their expenses.

Before that, getting to know lodges inside the region to get a meaningful experience of who had the excellent fees, facilities, and area for numerous summer season weekends (to make certain that once the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening date became announced, I wouldn’t waste precious time learning hotel charges). That included hitting up the ever-beneficial to check for any available reductions. Knowing what greater opportunities I wanted to p.C. Into my Disneyland trip in advance (a Steakhouse 55 dinner and boozing at the new-ish Lamplight Lounge), so I could without delay make the one’s reservations once I finalized my experience dates. You can e-book dining reservations at Disneyland up to 60 days earlier; at Disneyworld, this bumps aup to s much as ha undred 80 days. You’ll want to do that earlier than later to aensurea niche (adeally, a top-notch time).

For the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge reservation system—which won’t count as a great deal in your subsequent journey—identifying while Disney was commencing up online registrations for entrance into the land and making sure my tour organization became prepared to sit within the virtual queue (to maximize our odds of having in). Reading others’ establishing-day trip reports (on Twitter and Reddit) to get a sense fofwhat eexperiencesI would be cableddowwhenmerchandise was being sold where (and for away an away.

Those are the ordinary steps I take for any Disneyland trip. Research is essential. You’re going to want to recognize what special occasions are taking place, if any—which include whether the park is remaining early for its very own unique events, like a grad night time, or whether there are unofficial events planned that would cause the park to be a madhouse on every occasion you’re thinking of going. You’re also gYou’ll also Disneyland’s refurbishment schedule to make sure thaensurees you like are honestly runnyou’re planning your journey. (It’s stressful while your favored voyage is scheduled to open up a few days when you’re heading home.)

If you still have questions—or need to browse through even extra Disneyland data—I advise finding the park’s Moms Panel. So ask away; although the odds are correct, your query has likely already been addressed. The Disney Moms are quite thorough. I additionalsoarching through the Disney, Disneyland, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge subreddits, which are also awemethods to maintain tabs on what’s happening within the parks (and glean pointers from others’ trips).

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