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8 Business Travel Trends to Watch For in 2019


The manner we tour is converting. We look for flights and resorts otherwise than we used to. We get around our vacation spot in a different way than we used to, and our reviews center on priorities that we may not have had in previous, much less technologically advanced eras. So shouldn’t the way we journey for enterprise change with the times as properly? Why need your agency to stick with the same antiquated company tour policy that has stayed in the region for years?

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This article examines how the enterprise travel enterprise is converting in an era of specialization, personalization, and the sharing economy.

Business tour trends and information

Business travel contributes over 1000000000000 greenbacks alone to the global economy, and a survey of industry experts (from Statista) suggests that this monetary effect is only primed to grow within the coming years. However, this industry is still unexpectedly on the upward thrust; we examined a few key traits to watch out for in the business journey. Here are eight of them below.

1. The booking process will take longer- and that’s not a terrible factor

The traditional mindset of the business traveler turned into simple. Find the flight that was at the correct time. Locate the lodge where you’ll have your business obligations as close to the website as feasible. Rent the auto that your corporation informed you to rent. At no point did this procedure resemble the ways wherein most people attempt to book a private tour. With enterprise travel being reimbursed as lengthy because it hung intently enough to a company’s company coverage, there has been no incentive to take any time to examine alternatives out of doors one’s regular reserving habitual. Now, with a mess of the latest alternatives for commercial enterprise tourists to maximize both their consolation and alternatives on a ride, the booking procedure gained’t be limited to the conventional requirements of slim flight and hotel alternatives. Travelers will continue to apply particular booking platforms in shape for bendy itineraries and cell, on-the-pass reserving. Putting extra concept into how and why commercial enterprise travelers book the flights and inns they do will make the enterprise journey enjoy extra non-public and secure.

2. TMCs are in for an impolite awakening

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) have maintained a robust maintain over the business travel booking market. The advantages of using a TMC for businesses consist of being capable of set corporate fees and tune adherence to enterprise regulations. However, they can also lead to inflexibility for the traveler and may often conceal the first-rate times for flights or places for resorts based totally on default settings.
With greater booking alternatives springing up (consisting of incredibly new, enterprise-changing services inclusive of Skiplagged and HotelTonight), it has grown to be less complicated than ever for travelers to e-book on the open market in place of with a TMC. The intersection of business and leisure travel complicates the antique shape of booking handiest to your enterprise desires through a journey control organization. As corporations hold to turn out to be more worker-centric and value the desires in their commercial enterprise vacationers, these vacationers will command greater customization in their itineraries in methods no longer all TMCs are prepared to address.

3. Employee hobbies will stay leveraged

In the conventional feel, the business journey has continually been centered on efficiency and company compliance. In today’s landscape wherein millennials are not as dependable to their corporations as they as soon as were and are regularly on the flow in among jobs, company loyalty is much less of an approach that moves the needle. To have employees comply with conventional company tour regulations, there must be unique benefits offered as incentives for the travelers themselves. Some travel platforms provide worker-focused rewards for beating a specific price range on a flight or motel. Others provide more flexible guidelines for systems where personnel can e-book or a time period after an experience wherein they could extend their life for a non-public time. To make certain that commercial enterprise travel can continue to be an attractive bonus for employees, organizations make sure that it consists of extra perks that incentivize further willingness to participate in the employee aspect.

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