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Work-lifestyles stability, tour, fitness: The changing life dreams of Indian millennials


Indian lifestyle goals are evolving. However, the way to reap them isn’t. According to a current survey through current survey, millennials’ aspirations are being molded with the aid of social media, movies, information, and celebrities, from proudly owning a big house and securing a secure government task to foreign places’ journey and painting life balance Mumbai-based consultancy company Kantar IMRB. The observation became commissioned utilizing Bajaj Allianz Life.

“The impact of movies is 50% higher on millennials,” stated Chandramohan Mehra, leader advertising officer at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance. They look at what was performed throughout 13 metros, tier 1 and rising tier 2 towns with up to 681 respondents of various age groups, socio-monetary bands, and professions. However, is it sufficient to only aspire? “The whole economic atmosphere has a top-notch position to play given the reality that even as Indians are optimistic, they are inadequately organized to perform most of the people’s desires in their existence,” Mehra stated.


Around 38% of respondents are uncertain about achieving their objectives. In truth, people in metro cities are more or much less assured than those in non-metros, which is consistent with the survey. Respondents in popular experience they haven’t finished sufficient economic making plans.

Day Goals

The pinnacle dreams of Indians, consistent with the survey, are:

Comfortable retirement: This becomes a concern amongst millennials, with two out of 5 Indians focused on it. The ratio is better – one in two – in metro towns. Entrepreneurship: One in 10 Indians want to begin something new or pursue a parallel career, the survey confirmed. Travel and higher work-life balance: One in 4 respondents wish to travel overseas or to recent, unique locations. One is searching for paintings- life balance, pursuing one’s passions, and maintaining a nonviolent lifestyle. Health and health: One in 3 respondents are focused on this as a life goal.

Philanthropy: Indians are keen on developing social effects, highlighted the survey. One in five respondents sought to provide lower back to society. Avenues blanketed growing jobs, assisting any other character’s dream or teaching. “The insights suggest how life goals are evolving, and millennials are opting for unconventional existence goals,” said Tarun Chugh, coping with director and CEO of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance. “Furthermore, it’s thrilling to note that girls are using some of these new-age existence goals like travel, health, and health.”

Women lead the way.

In keeping with the observation, women have an appreciably better inclination toward travel, fitness, and health than guys.

Where is the muse coming from?

The survey found that some conventional goals like funding youngsters’ better studies or shopping for a homestay are on India’s mind. These traditional desires are, in particular, influenced by a circle of relatives and social circles. It was a tough 2011 for Transat AT Inc. Compared to a profit of $52.4 million in 2010, the Canadian tour operator based out of Montreal posted a fourth-quarter loss of $4.5 million and a loss of $12.2 million in the year. Despite increased revenues of almost $30 million, the company missed its expectations partially due to restructuring and higher fuel costs combined with difficult economic conditions. Although they still face a challenging 2012, the future looks bright, and both travel agents and the traveling public shouldn’t panic just yet.

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