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Tourist Guides’ Federation of India divided on Guide Fee settlement signed with IATO


The faction claiming to be the reliable faction of the Tourist Guides’ Federation of India (TGFI), which claims aid from 13 of the 17 member institutions, has popped out, raising strong objections towards the biennial agreement signed among the Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) and the Federation fixing the Guides rate for the subsequent two years. Sanjay Sharma, President of TGFI, claimed he waged a birthday party to the settlement and could serve a criminal observation against the agreement’s events. Sharma said that IATO, for the second time in succession, has engaged a “smaller faction” of the TGFI, which has no authority or sanctity for negotiations and finalizing the agreement. “I haven’t signed the settlement and not birthday party to it,” said Sharma in a telephonic conversation with Travelbiz Monitor.


IATO and the Guides Federation negotiate and finalize guides’ charges and sign agreements every two years. The last deal was signed in 2017 with a 12% rise in the Guide price from the preceding contract. Both years, ents said to have agreed to revise the rate by 10% this year. “A 10% charge hike is not at all perfect to TGFI,” said Sharma, “Last time also, there was a stalemate for the duration of negotiations,” he said. Sharma said that he might be writing to the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, as properly on the illegitimacy of the settlement. He stated that while the Fee of the Guides had been constant via the Ministry of Tourism for a long time, earlier than a Jabalpur court identifying against the procedure on the petition of an excursion operator. “It turned out that it was then decided that the TGFI would determine the fee in consultation with the IATO. But now it is the reverse this is occurring. It is the IATO that decides,” he said. Thus, the price structure has been determined for ten years through negotiations between IATO and TGFI.

IATO dismisses the current controversy as “part of the factional” feud that has been raging in the TGFI for some time now. Rajesh Mudgill, Hony. The Secretary of the IATO stated that they maintain negotiations and signal agreements with the leadership of TGFI that the Ministry of Tourism recognizes. He said they tried to convey the two factions collectively and sign the settlement together the final time but failed because of one faction’s non-cooperation. “We don’t recognize Sanjay Sharma,” he said.

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