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Reges, a Luxury Collection Resort & SPA, Çeşme


Today, the Luxury Collection®, part of Marriott International Inc., announced the outlet of Reges, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Çeşme. Owned by way of Reges Turizm Inşaat A.Ş., Reges joins an excellent series of more than a hundred and ten lodges and motels in greater than 30 international locations and territories. The commencing marks The Luxury Collection’s 1/3 motel in Turkey, joining the brand’s current houses in Bodrum and Ankara.

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Having set the tone for a regal to enjoy from its concept, Reges derives its call from the Latin for King: Rex. The buildings that include the lodge even resemble a crown whilst regarded from above. Curved around an idyllic herbal cove and bathed in sunshine for greater than three hundred days of the yr, Reges is spread across two kilometers of Çeşme’s Boyalık Bay. The ninety-three guestrooms and eleven suites feature oversized ground-to-ceiling windows with panoramic perspectives of the sapphire-hued Aegean Sea. Inspired by the encompassing lush nature, the guestroom layout capabilities gold-dipped leaves, peacock feathers, and jacquard patterning, with splashes of turquoise energizing the neutral coloration palette. Crafted from locally sourced marble, the smooth en-suite toilets combine traditional fretwork and gold fixtures with modern indulgences, including rainfall showers and signature Byredo products. A state-of-the-art generation has been incorporated discreetly, from ultra-contemporary flat-display screen TVs to intuitive systems which personalize temperature and lighting fixtures alternatives – reinforcing the motel’s dedication to an unequaled level of service.

Influenced via the dancing traces of a Whirling Dervish, the tiered layout of the resort’s architecture fans out like a spinning skirt, reinterpreting the ancient Sufi ritual for a modern target audience. This considerate method extends to the mild-stuffed foyer. Likewise, the historical Japanese exercise of Kintsugi – the artwork of appreciating imperfection – is recrafted via current Turkish design, with gilded gildings including intensity and story. “Çeşme is a breath-taking Turkish hotel town that overlooks the glistening Aegean Sea, and its natural beauty and services, which includes clear waters with remarkable diving sites make this a sincerely special location for The Luxury Collection’s 1/3 lodge in Turkey,” stated Anthony Ingham, Global Brand Leader, The Luxury Collection. “We are pleased to discover this hidden treasure for our global travelers who are positive to broaden a deep reference to this super destination.”

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