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New JW Marriott Maldives: Book Overwater Villa With Points


The Maldives is a bucket-list vacation spot for many, although traditionally, there has been a restricted variety of options for redeeming points.

Why factors opportunities inside the Maldives are improving

Lately, we’ve visible an extensive development within the opportunities to redeem factors for inns inside the Maldives: With the release of Marriott Bonvoy, you may now save elements at all Marriott-circle of relatives’ houses within the Maldives (previously, all of the Starwood options were considered “uniqueness” properties, and the number of points required turned into outrageous) The Waldorf Astoria Maldives is starting soon, and it looks fantastic and is bookable with Hilton Honors points. Well, another hotel is soon joining the Marriott portfolio inside the Maldives, and something makes it unique — the base rooms are overwater villas. Typically, people choose to live in overwater villas in the Maldives (in place of land villas), even though there’s an extensive upcharge at maximum hotels. So, simultaneously, as you may redeem points for a base villa, you’re often stuck paying several hundred dollars in line with nighttime to improve.

JW Marriott

The new JW Marriott Maldives

The JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa is beginning quickly — the internet site says that the motel started in August 2019. However, as of now, the inn is best-accepting reservations as of September 15, 2019. So, it could seem that the resort may have just 61 villas, including land and overwater villas. Interestingly, at this motel, the overwater villas with pools are considered the “base” rooms, and the price is equal to or much less than the land villas.

So, the access level room here is an overwater villa with a pool, and the renderings make it look first-rate. The hotel’s website claims these rooms are over 2,500 rectangular feet, even though I consider that includes the outside area. Frankly, regardless of the door area, that may be a stretch. I’ve come to agree that inns regularly lie about room sizes. Rooms here appear to begin at just over $800 per night time (though the range notably depends on while you’re traveling).

As is the norm within the Maldives, even if you’re redeeming factors, you will nevertheless be out of pocket quite a piece. The JW Marriott is about an hour’s seaplane experience from Male International Airport, and the cost is $600 in line with the individual. While that’s steep, it’s almost a good buy compared to the Waldorf Astoria, charging nearly $900 for a 30-minute speedboat ride.

Bottom line

Being capable of redeeming Marriott points for an overwater villa within the Maldives is pretty high quality. The JW Marriott looks sincerely quality inside the renderings, so with any luck, reality reflects that. I even have a ride deliberately to the Waldorf Astoria Maldives in a few months, though maybe I have to test out the JW Marriott as well, given what an excellent use of points its miles. If you decide to manage a Hotel or any lodging and are scouting for techniques to improve gross sales, an online reservation system will benefit your hotel. There are quite a few different options depending on variables such as precisely how much someone is willing to pay, your degree in IT, and the size of your hotel.

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