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How Berks communities are tapping into consumers’ love affair with food and drinks


We all know Berks Countians love food. So do our traffic. Visitors to the county spent $207 million on food and beverages in 2017. That’s nearly 1 / 4 of all the $902 million of visitor greenbacks spent right here. And it is growing. In 2016, traffic spent $195 million on food and liquids, consistent with Crystal Seitz, president of Pennsylvania Americana Region, the brand call of the area’s tourism bureau. “People are spending a long time here, and they are right here for the food,” Seitz stated. In addition, Seitz said food fairs appeal to traffic here. For instance, the Taste of Hamburg-er festival attracts more than 30,000 humans. “And they come from all over the East Coast, no longer just Berks,” Seitz said.

As tourism businesses across the United States tap into consumers’ growing hobby in culinary matters, they’re seeking out elements that lead them to particular and proper places to visit. Interest in foods and drinks has exploded amongst vacationers within the closing four years, said Joel Cliff, spokesman for Discover Lancaster. “People are looking for authenticity in their travels,” he stated. “They can get a more suitable feel of a place through meals or drink and the people creating it. It has taken off, and we’ve tried to trip that wave.”

On the foodie path

Discover Lancaster turned slightly ahead of the curve in 2012 when it started aggregating craft breweries on its website, Cliff stated. That might eventually cause its Ale Trail, which it promotes online and in a brochure. Cliff said the path’s development and promotion are wrapped into the organization’s normal price range and plan. The tourism bureau is funded through companion business enterprises, so it initially became reluctant to sell brewers that were now not partners. Cliff stated that it started including non-partnerenterprises within the final two years to serve site visitors better. Partners get greater prominence, though.

Unlike fairs, trails aren’t tied to dates, so they lack the urgency that outdoor events carry. That may be fine because they may be promoted over longer periods and are much less dependent on climate for fulfillment. But there are logistical concerns, Seitz said. Years in the past, Berks tried an art path; however, they ran into trouble because organizers hadn’t considered that some studios had been simplest open on weekends or at some point of limited hours. So  Seitz started the bureau working on a Brew-Ha-Ha path. With ten craft breweries, Berks has the property for a robust trail. She expected it would take about $30,000 to $40,000 to create and marketplace a path. However, Berks wineries have had a successful wine trail for decades and can sell events on it properly, Seitz said.

We all scream

For the last 12 months, Pennsylvania has been selling an ice cream trail within the south, a significant part of the kingdom. It protected stops in Berks and Lancaster counties. Michael Chapaloney, government director of tourism, said the path was created with the help of the Department of Agriculture. The first trail, highlighting dairy farms that made ice cream, gave traffic “a true cow-to-cone enjoy,” he said. Visitors have been given “passports” to mark their visits to trail stops, and they could mail their trek documents to the nation for prizes. That first trial remaining year was a large hit, Chapaloney said. The country received almost 2,000 submissions for awards.

This summer, the state accelerated the ice cream path to 4 nationwide. “The reaction in the final 12 months is extraordinary,” Chapaloney stated. During these 12 months, he delivered creameries within the western part of the kingdom. As a result, those corporations have already given out more than two hundred passports. In addition to the Department of Agriculture, Visit Pa. Teamed with the Center for Dairy Excellence and Pa. Preferred, which helped with outreach to capacity trail stops. After the basis of the remaining year, it became a reasonably quick turnaround, Chapaloney said. They had a list of creameries in mid-May, and by June 1, the web page and passports were ready. Establishing ice cream trails is simply one way which the country shoshowcases Pennsylvania’s culinary delights18, it released “Pursue your Hoppiness,” the craft-brew riff on its signature tagline promoting the country, “Pursue your Happiness.”

Later this year, the country will launch an apple trail, which may not wind through Berks or Lancaster; however, it should be in the future, Chapaloney stated. It is funded through a provide from the Appalachian Regional Commission. Also in the works are trails where tourists can find artisan bread, fermented ingredients, and charcuterie. In addition, food tourism can touch on other attributes of Pennsylvania that appeal to visitors. These encompass records, the outdoors, and concrete culture in smaller cities, including Reading and Harrisburg.

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