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Two Eurofighter jets crash in famous German excursion destination


According to the German Interior Ministry, two Eurofighter warplanes collided in the air and then crashed in the kingdom of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. German media reports that the planes have fallen in a residential region.

The two German Air Force fighter jets collided in the air over the small metropolis of Malchow, located a few 80km far away from the German metropolis of Schwerin. “The Eurofighter [jets] collided within the air and then crashed,” a navy spokesman told Der Spiegel mag. According to the Defense Ministry, one of the jets crashed in a wooded place near the village of Jabel, even as the alternative one fell 10km away, south of the town of Nossentiner Huette.


The wreckage of the destroyed plane has fallen in a close-by forest, where it reputedly prompted a hearth. A video published on social media using a local radio broadcaster suggests plumes of black smoke billowing over woodland on the purported crash site. Some components of the planes additionally hit a residential area, a neighborhood newspaper, SVZ, and reviews. Both aircraft had been a part of the Air Force Squadron seventy-three ‘Steinhoff,’ stationed at the Large base close to the metropolis of Rostok. They had been acting as a schooling flight when the incident occurred. The pilots reportedly managed to eject and are believed to have survived the ordeal. There have been no statistics of approximately any casualties on the ground.

One of the pilots changed into placed alive, the Defense Ministry confirmed. Hours later, the German Air Force said that the second pilot was observed useless. The surviving pilot had suffered a few injuries and was taken to a hospital, in keeping with the police. A spokesman for the German Armed Forces, the Bundeswehr, also showed that the incident occurred. However, it did not provide any additional information. Mecklenburg Lake District, where the crash took place, is a famous German excursion vacation spot regarded for its nature reserves.

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