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Five journey hacking tips to get the maximum out of flying Scoot


As a great deal as we in the miles game fantasize approximately First Class lounges, pricey leather-based seats, and limitless inflight champagne, there can be occasions. Yet, at the same time, we discover ourselves stuffed in a center seat on a finances airline.

journey hacking tips
There are masses of motives why even hardcore miles chasers might also pick to fly price range now and then. Most probably, you are seeking to fly a brief haul in the location, and there’s honestly no feel in redeeming miles while round-journey flights to Bangkok/Bali/Phuket are as low as $two hundred. For those primarily based in Singapore, Scoot may be the natural option for budget flights. Yes, the airlines had a piece of a rough patch recently. However, it is still one of the cheapest ways of having from Point A to B.

The pitfalls of flying budget are widely recognized: hidden prices, no refunds, and an upload-on fee for almost the entirety. That said, there may be no reason why we can’t observe travel hacking to finance flights. So here are five guidelines to help you get the most out of your Scoot flights.


The most convenient manner of paying for your Scoot flight is with a credit card. Unfortunately, it is also the most highly-priced. Scoot’s credit card processing price is a whopping $20 according to man or woman. That’s flat-out ridiculous and borders on profiteering. You also can use Google Pay or PayPal to pay, but the fee is likewise $20. AXS is an inexpensive option at $6, but it’s now not to be had whilst you’re booking a sale fare, and also, you won’t earn miles. PayNow’s charge is even decreasing at $four, but you also might not earn miles.
Not all is lost because you could earn miles to your credit card while averting the admin rate via genuinely shopping for Scoot present vouchers. Scoot does not charge a credit card rate on present voucher purchases, and the fee of a present voucher may be customized to the nearest $1 (max $500 per voucher).

For example, if your fare is $173.50, you would possibly buy a voucher of $174 and use it to pay for your flight. You’d be out of pocket 50 cents. However, it truly is manner better than paying a $20 admin rate, plus you earn your miles as in keeping with every day. You can use most of the Scoot vouchers to pay for a given itinerary.


Scoot fares are strictly non-refundable and non-changeable (except you purchase an incredibly high-priced “Booking Flexibility” package), so that you need to be 100 according to cent positive of your journey plans before you fly. What if you’re nevertheless expecting different plans to firm up but worried that fares would increase or seats will disappear within the meantime? Here’s wherein Scoot’s payment options work for your favor. Select AXS, and Scoot offers you 24 hours to make the price at an AXS system (provided you’re at least 3 days far from your flight). If you don’t pay, your reservation is robotically canceled for gratis to you.

Congratulations! You’ve sold yourself a further 24 hours to finalize your plans without a chance of fare increases or seats selling out.

Note that AXS charge is the simplest alternative in case you’re:

  • Buying a regular fare (i.E. Not a sale fare)
  • Departing from Singapore
  • Booking an itinerary that fees <$2K
  • Not buying insurance
  • Not redeeming a voucher as a partial fee
  • Booking via the authentic Scoot internet site and cell app


Scoot’s pricing logic on occasion would not make feel. Consider the following instance. First, I’ll attempt reserving Singapore to Sydney as a round-ride adventure, departure 8 October, go back 15 October. Scoot provides me with the following flight alternatives and a rate of $478.

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