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Brundage Is One Of The Top Ski Resorts In Idaho


In recent years, the US has witnessed increasing ski visits to major ski resorts.

This was in contrast to a few years ago when Europe was the preferred choice for skiers. And the number one reason for this change is the growing number of excellent ski resorts in the country, specifically in areas like Idaho.

Between December and March, skiers from around the planet arrive to take advantage of the ideal snow conditions. While some resorts witness such conditions in the middle of January, others offer perfect skiing conditions from February to March.

Idaho is an extremely popular destination for skiers simply due to many ski resorts, and names like Brundage Mountain Ski Resort are incredibly well-known. Here we’ve discussed why it is among the best ski resorts in the Idaho area and should be your first option.

Ski Resorts

Ski Resorts In Idaho

To understand why Brundage is an ideal choice for skiers, it is essential to look at other ski resorts in Idaho as well, which include:

1. Sun Valley Resort

Sun Valley resort is among the oldest inns in the area, known for being the first ski resort with a chairlift. It has over 2,000 acres of skiable terrain and is spread across two mountains, Dollar Mountain and Bald Mountain. There are also 12 terrain parks, perfect for newcomers and experienced skiers, making it suitable for the entire family.

2. Tamarack Resort

Where Sun Valley resort is the oldest ski resort in Idaho, Tamarack Resort is the newest and rapidly becoming popular. Situated in the Payette River mountains, this resort offers intermediate and beginner trails and has three terrain parks for skiers with varying skill levels. It also features chairlifts, wooden mountain chalets, family homes, and more for the greatest skiing experience.

3. Schweitzer Mountain Resort

Spread over 2900 acres, the Schweitzer Mountain Resort is the largest ski resort in the area, which means that generally, you won’t have to share runs with others. Also, it witnesses a snowfall of 25 feet each season, offers some excellent views, features ten lifts, and boasts additional entertainment avenues aside from skiing.

4. Bogus Basin

Bogus Basin is a perfect choice if you do not wish to spend a lot but still want an enjoyable experience. Operated as a non-profit, this resort gets about 27 feet of snow annually and features over 80 trails. However, it is best known for its numerous dining options and unmatched tubing area.

5. Lookout Pass

Regarding which Idaho ski resort receives the most snow, Lookout Pass is the clear winner. Each season witnesses at least 33 feet of snow, resulting in fantastic slopes and the perfect skiing terrain. Lookout Pass resort encompasses three mountainsides, each with its chairlifts, and there is even a ski school for those just getting started in the world of skiing.

6. Silver Mountain Resort

Silver Mountain Resort best suits those who prefer a more private skiing experience. Spread across the Wardner and Kellogg Peaks, this is smaller than most other resorts in the area but includes a snow tubing park. There is also a water park and several lodging options close by, making this another excellent choice.

7. Brundage Mountain Resort Ski Resort

There are several reasons why Brundage Mountain is the most popular ski resort in Idaho, such as offering a dedicated area for children and families. This makes it perfect for those just learning how to ski, and there is even a daycare facility that families can take advantage of. Brundage receives about 26 feet of snow annually and is especially famous for its tree skiing.

Apart from that, the backcountry trails are well-serviced with lifts, and the two terrain parks are well-suited for both freestylers and snowboarders. Rental accommodations are easily available, which include cabins and condos, or you can visit the nearby town of McCall, which offers excellent lodging options.

Why Is Brundage Such A Great Choice?

The first thing that makes Brundage Mountain an excellent choice for skiers is its location. Brundage experiences many storms from both north and south directions, providing skiers with the best quality snow.

Also, among the six lifts, one is a high-speed quad, while others include conventional ones, and beginners can take advantage of the conveyor. There is also a huge cat skiing area near Goose Lake, while the vertical drop of 1,921 feet provides a thrilling experience that most other resorts cannot match.

What’s more, the two terrain parks come with all the rollers, jibes, boxes, and rails that can take your skiing experience to the next level. And the nearby town of McCall has three craft breweries, which is the cherry on top.

Another reason Brundage Mountain resort is the first choice for many snowboarders is the wide range of amenities. These include snowmobile rentals, guided tours, SnowCat tours, and more. Apart from these, you can enjoy outdoor activities designed for the whole family, including concerts, chairlift rides, and excellent dining options.

The Best Skiing In Idaho: Brundage

While there are multiple ski resorts in Idaho, there is no doubt that few alternatives deliver as great an experience as the Brundage Mountain resort. Besides the impressive trails and superb terrain, the resort is known for its pubs and restaurants, which offer some of the best dining experiences in the area.

It is suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers and offers many other enjoyable activities besides skiing, making it the perfect holiday destination for the whole family.

However, remember that this resort has situated some distance from all the major airports and cities. So, if connectivity is a crucial factor, you may need to look at the other options.

With that said, it is time to wrap things up. Happy skiing!

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