B.C. College students’ tenting trip goes ahead in spite of tents getting stolen


According to a Nanaimo RCMP press release, all nine tents set out for a 12 months-quit tenting experience for ‘graduating’ Departure Bay Eco-School students had been located stolen less than 24 hours before the deliberate tour.

tents getting stolen

After reporting the theft, the school body of workers recommended dad and mom, who spread the phrase over social media and “sure enough, inside hours several network-minded organizations, the body of workers and mother and father saved the day and managed to discover greater than sufficient tents to replace the stolen ones,” noted the press release. Police called it an example of correct triumphing out over evil.

“The robbery turned into disheartening; however, to look the network and groups come to together to proper a wrong became so incredible. The students left this morning on their three-day journey, and it becomes smiles all round,” said Annette Noble, principal at Departure Bay Eco-School, inside the launch. RCMP located that thieves had cut locks to an outside fenced-in area at the college and made off with the tents and numerous baggage of refundable plastic recyclables. The robbery passed off sometime between 6 p.M. Friday, June 21, and nine:30 a.M. Sunday, June 23. No descriptions have been provided for the stolen tents.

With this type of tent, you may need to tough it a bit, much like if you have been in the navy and best allowed to take what you could healthy in a backpack and keep on your back. This kind of tent is commonly simplest executed while you are taking place a hike. You really need to think about what gadgets you really want whilst you are trekking for your camping spot because you cannot deliver an extraordinary address. If you may most effectively get for your tenting spot through trekking there, you can simplest take absolutely the necessities.

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2. National Park or Camp Grounds Camping:

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